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The Pleasure Menu

Inside every one of us is an innate sense of self-worth and self-love, many of us forget this part of us due to the way we’ve lived or are currently living our lives.

We can blame conditioning and the patriarchy if that makes you feel better, but I bet it doesn’t, it just serves as some solace for not having to take full responsibility for the way that we are feeling.

I’m not discounting how hard life may have treated you, or the terrible things that may have occurred, but sadly they’ve happened, you can’t change them and you can’t turn back time, Goddess knows I’ve tried! you can only choose how you want to feel about them and learn the lessons they gave you and move on.

These tough times have formed you into the woman you are today, but unless this woman that you are now is living her best, baddest bitch life, it’s up to you to make a choice of how you live it from this very moment on.

And yes, I’m sympathetic and empathetic, that’s my shizzle, that’s my work, understanding what you’ve been through and helping you navigate and heal from it, but it’s also my work and mission to empower you to move forwards from the past and live out your desires from a place of truth, authenticity and incredible pleasure, and doesn’t life feel more amazing when we get to choose precisely what we want, how we want to feel, where we want to go, what we want to eat all and all that jazz. Of course it bloody does!

So don’t expect a Pity Party from me, this is The Pleasure Party and that’s what I choose to help you experience. Because you’re worth it and you deserve to make your own choices!

So I’ve made you a little something to make your day a little more pleasurable, all of these things only take a couple of moments of your day, however don’t try and tell me that you don’t have the time to do it, that’s you choosing not to have the time. If you’ve got time to have a shit then you’ve got the time to pick.

It’s a Pleasure Menu to get you through the day, now you can skip any course you want, or you can indulge and eat the whole damn thing, it’s your choice. but I hope you like it! Even if you pick just one treat a day, your day will be better and your week will be amazing, imagine doing just one special thing for yourself every day, soon your life will just be filled with so much pleasure you’ll probably combust into iridescent bubbles.

I’ve also put a blank downloadable one on here so that you can make up your own Pleasure Menu.


The PP Menu Filled
Download PDF • 898KB

The PP Menu Blank
Download PDF • 591KB

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