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Step into a vibrant and warm sisterhood through our online gatherings and transformational events all created to enrich your lives and foster healthy and  authentic friendships.


A place to realise your dreams with the most amazing women/queens by your side. It’s spiritual, soulful, sensual, sexy and all you could wish for if you want a bit sparkle in your life!

Lucy, London

Are you ready to transform your life? Of course you are!!!!! 

Imagine having a circle of like-minded women who celebrate your uniqueness, support your growth, and bring endless joy to your journey. At the Pleasure Party, we believe in the power of community – a place where you're never alone, where friendship blooms, and where fun knows no bounds.


Loneliness, meet your match! Within our vibrant, welcoming groups, you'll find a treasure trove of friends just waiting to connect with you. It's not just about building connections; it's about building a community that uplifts, inspires, and helps you become the best version of yourself. Together, we'll embark on a journey filled with laughter, shared wisdom, and unforgettable moments.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to enrich your life, banish loneliness, and cultivate lasting bonds. Join a Pleasure Party group today and let the magic of community transform your world.


"Welcome to a world of self-discovery and pleasure like no other through our Online Group Courses and Community events. You're standing at the threshold of a breathtaking journey where joy and connection is boundless. 


Within our vibrant groups, you'll connect with a diverse sisterhood of women, all united in the pursuit of growth. They passionately share their joys, victories, and extraordinary discoveries. It's a whirlwind of support, celebration, and profound connection that propels you to new heights.


At the Pleasure Party, we are Queens of collective transformation. Our courses and  community events transcend traditional learning and formality, they're about flourishing together. It's a place where friendships blossom, where laughter and shared wisdom light the way, and where you'll truly embrace the very best version of yourself.


Sign up today and be the first to know when our Online Group Courses and Community events open and experience all that awaits you as a cherished member of the Pleasure Party!"



She helped me see life from a different perspective and her lessons gave my self esteem the boost it was lacking.

Lizzie, London


The Pleasure Party is such a fun and inspiring place to be, full of encouragement and love. If you have ever longed to know what it feels like to truly belong and be loved for who you are, this is it!

Laura, London

Welcome to the most exhilarating and unmissable experience of your life so far! 

Our Pleasure Parties and Physical Gatherings are where the magic happens and the extraordinary become the norm. Gentle transformation, where you can safely shed all inhibitions, embrace your true self, and let your hair down like never before.


At our gatherings, we believe in freedom, non-judgment, and honouring your "No” just as much as your " Ooooooh Yes” It's a place where happiness flows like a waterfall, laughter is the soundtrack and  happiness is the dress code. Where strangers become lifelong friends, and where connections are forged on the dance floor as you move to the music that resonates with your spirit.


But that's just the crest of the wave of pleasure - our parties are designed to ignite  and excite all your senses, infused with nourishing self-love practices and soul-rejuvenating meditations that leave you feeling like the Goddess you are. Our handpicked DJs know how to tune into your soul and turn up the energy, and our orgasmic foodie delights are a feast for your senses.


Expect divine inspiration, beautiful entertainment, an explosion of glitter, and an atmosphere that's as electric as it is welcoming.  Yes Ladies, It's time to step into a world of pleasure, freedom, and boundless joy. Join us at our next Pleasure Party and let your transformation begin. Your radiant, unapologetic self awaits! 



Join Today!

Join the Ultimate Women's Circle for FREE today and start connecting with the community, enjoying the our free meditations and begin your growth with our 5 DAY MINI COURSE, free to all new members.

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