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Awaken the Queen within with our empowered personalised, services, courses, and intimate 1:1 coaching, designed for profound self-realisation, celebrating and nurturing your unique feminine journey.


“What you’re brilliant at is helping others to realise their true power. You do that, so effortlessly because you’ve found yours, so it’s easy for you to shine that light on others.

Lizzie, London

Your personal transformation is but a click away, with new courses being added for your deep connection and self development. Our courses are intuitively designed and intricately woven into our 9 pillars of feminine empowerment.


Connection, Embodiment, Permission, Sensuality, Confidence, Self-Love, Empowerment, Expression, and Education.


All created and curated to guide you to your own personal authentic self expression, freedom and fulfilment.


With a choice of Do It Yourself downloadable courses and Lets Do this Together group courses, you’ll find just what you’ve been yearning for.


Unleash the true you, expand your full potential and join the Ultimate Womens Circle today!


Connect to your inner sanctuary, our group and personalised Meditation sessions are a gentle, personal voyage to inner peace, curated exclusively for you for whatever you’re dealing with. In this nurturing space, we'll navigate life's challenges, reduce stress, and uncover the radiant core of your being. Trust in the process, as you are guided with compassion to embrace mindfulness, cultivate self-love, and emanate positivity. Your journey to inner harmony starts here, with me as your guide.




I can only describe the experience as feeling like I was cocooned in a powerful cloud of blissfulness.

Michelle, London


Having gone through all the chakras, it gives you a peace, you’ve never ever felt before

Angela, London

And Breathe………………………….

Welcome to the transformative world of Breathwork, where I will be your expert tour guide to travel deep inside. Together, we’ll embark on a sacred journey, harnessing the incredible power of your breath. In our session, you'll find a powerfully safe and compassionate space to release all that no longer serves you, embrace clarity, and rediscover your inner vitality. Trust in your breath, for it holds the key to your authenticity. Harmonize your mind, body, and spirit in this beautiful practice of self-discovery and realisation.


Bored of surviving and ready to thrive instead? It's time to ignite your inner power and lead with grace and ease. My coaching and mentorship programs are powerful and deeply personal, there’s nowhere to hide from yourself. I see you and I’ll show you how to get out of your own way so you can finally see and experience what you’ve been holding yourself back from and live the life you’ve been dreaming of. 


Holding you with safety, unwavering support compassionate guidance. Together, we'll break barriers, conquer challenges, and celebrate your unique strengths. Trust in your innate wisdom, and let's co-create a world where you not only thrive but also empower others. I'm here to walk beside you on this harmonious path to true empowerment and self-discovery.


Elevate your life and empower yourself. Join our personalized Women's Empowerment Coaching & Mentorship programs today. Your extraordinary journey begins with a click.


Embrace the deeply personal journey ahead, guided by trust, compassion, and your unique power. Together, we'll create a harmonious and transformative experience tailored just for you.



Coaching with Simone took me from being stuck in a job I hated and a loveless marriage to realising my strength, self love and resilience within and changing my whole life in 3 months.

Irena, London


There were some issues that I had been dealing with for a very long time, and I can tell you by the time Simone walked me through what seemed like a map, my mindset had completely changed.

Angela, London

Yearning for change but have no idea how to achieve it. Let me join you on a deeply personal exploration of your dreams and desires. Mindscaping is a journey where your unique vision becomes your guiding star. With empathy and understanding, we'll shape your reality using the canvas of your mind. Together, we'll rewrite your story, honouring your individual power to manifest the life you crave. Let's embark on this harmonious journey of self-creation, revealing your life’s path and together, we'll turn your dreams into your living masterpiece.



Join Today!

Join the Ultimate Women's Circle for FREE today and start connecting with the community, enjoying the our free meditations and begin your growth with our 5 DAY MINI COURSE, free to all new members.

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