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About The Pleasure Party

Welcome to the Pleasure Party - your ultimate sanctuary for female empowerment and self-discovery! Here, "pleasure" transcends conventional definitions, branching out into a world brimming with joy, excitement, contentment, peace, happiness, and deep connections. We are a vibrant community, expert at orchestrating exhilarating "parties" designed to nurture and celebrate every facet of womanhood. Expect to make lasting friendships, participate in enlightening pleasure practices, foster deep connections with yourself and others, and discover an unrivaled sense of peace and self-worth. Happiness awaits as you step into a world tailored just for you, where you can embrace and express your authentic self freely. Our dedicated team of Women's Empowerment Coaches, Healers, and Intuitive DJs are ready to guide you on this journey. So shed your insecurities, worries, and judgments at the door, and bring with you the aspiration of the woman you truly want to be. At the Pleasure Party, not only will you meet her, but you'll become her!

About the Founder



This is the party where you are always invited, where we are always happy to see you and are excited to get to know you. 


My name is Symone Tucker, I’m the founder of The Pleasure Party and I created this phenomenal community of wonderful women, because it was just what I needed for myself. I had no idea, how much everyone I invited to my very first gathering, needed it too. 


When you love something, it grows and grows and that’s exactly what we did, and now we get a chance to invite you in, to grow with us too. 


As a busy wife and mother to 3 children I desperately desired connection , inspiration, empowerment and sisterhood, a space to share my thoughts and passions, a space to be feel into my desires and the freedom to be authentic and remember who I am. Yes, there were PTA coffee mornings, kids parties and all that stuff, but more than anything, I needed to belong and feel safe to be me in every expression. Mother, daughter, wife, colleague, friend, wobbly roller-skater, Symone.


I sought out so many ways to connect and satiate this yearning, and nothing hit the mark, so I decided to make it myself, and it’s beautiful, it’s everything, it’s for everyone who needs and wants this.


Now I love my crazy family to bits, and before The Pleasure Party, I felt that I had lost the love and connection to myself, and I wasn’t alone in these feelings, but as a woman I felt that it was wrong and selfish to even feel this way and I needed to live up to my new roles of being a Mum and a Wife and whatever else I signed up to, and just get on with it.


Well, we can be all the labels we want, and we can be them to our very best ability, but the most important label, is to be ourselves, because without being in our true authenticity,  we are only ever playing a role that someone else has determined the rules for.


So are you ready to remember just who you the fuck you are, to embrace and love your authenticity, to share your passions and make deep and meaningful connections with other women, to be the woman you know you are deep inside? Whether your 18 or 108 years old, treat this as your personal invitation from me, and come on in and grow with us and explore the incredible wonders of what it is to be Y.O.U. Your Own Universe.


Welcome to The Pleasure Party!

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