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Stop Searching For Your Purpose

Stop searching for your Purpose


We can’t force spirituality to happen for us, we can explore It and find more of ourselves, but trying to force experiences like Kundalini awakenings and ultimate enlightenment come naturally to you, through the way in which you live your life. Also, please don’t feel that once you are enlightened, you’ll be forever happy and living in a state of bliss, some of these enlightened spiritual people feel so much more despair as they can see what is wrong with the world, however they are then purpose driven to right the wrongs they see and feel and to help people live a life more aligned with their values.

I had a beautiful and heartbreaking conversation with a loved one today who felt that they were being forced to find a more spiritual life and so they gave up everything to pursue it, but had no idea what it was. Sadly they also felt coerced (or at least perceived this) by someone who they love that they didn’t want to let down, but this felt pressure had led them down a jungle path in which they couldn’t see the wood from the trees.

Now, I’m no expert on other people's intricacies of life, only my own and even then, I’m always learning. However as I struggle to keep my thoughts to myself, I explained my thoughts to their dilemma.

Your own unique sense of spirituality will arise in you when you least expect it, we’re all on a spiritual path so we don’t have to do the searching, it’s already within us.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up all that you are and all that you know to follow your spiritual path, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit on the top of a mountain crossed legged and meditate for years to experience enlightenment or become a hermit and live of the land in a cave. If we all followed what has been perceived as enlightenment and spirituality we’d all be Yogis and spiritual leaders and then who would be left to make the world go round.

We still need infrastructure, banking, creatives, teachers, doctors and nurses, we still need people who work in the service industry. If we all find this perceived version of spirituality, the world would stop.

You can be all of the things you already are because that is your make up, that’s what makes you unique in this world, that’s why you came here and was given breath and life.

Don’t give up what you’re good at if it brings you joy, but if you are able, do it on your own terms, then that's amazing. You may be in a job that you chose and it may have felt right when you started but ended up becoming something that didn’t serve you anymore, something that broke your spirit. Then by all means, move on. But it doesn’t mean give up your passion, follow your passion on your own terms. Don’t throw in the towel of something that makes you feel alive, safe, secure and gives you a sense of purpose and happiness, do it on your own terms.

You may find a job or a calling after that is exactly where you want to be, doing the same thing but in a way that aligns with who you are, that makes you wake up with a spring in your step.

In order to find this, you must first find what it is that you enjoy. With all the women that I coach who ultimately are looking for what lights them up inside, I invite them to remember what it is they used to do when they were younger that they loved so much they got lost in, it could be skipping, dancing, drawing, writing, helping people, being with older people.

We never truly grow up, we are just bigger hairier or balder versions of the little us and what brought you joy then will still bring you joy now. Now I’m not saying start a skipping company, although I know a skipping company that are thriving because that was they're passion from childhood and they knew how to convert that joy to be a successful business, but when we connect to our freedom of joy it gives us access to our creativity and we find in ourselves different avenues of where we want to explore and be.

So today, I invite you to spend a bit of time doing what you used to enjoy and see where it takes you.

Mine was playing with Barbies, however back then, my Barbies would get together in a circle, have picnics, dance, dress up and bitch about their Kens and complain about having to go to church. That ended up being my calling to my unique version of spirituality, I became a Women’s Empowerment Coach and hold Women’s Circles where you can party like you’ve just snuck out of the house and are free again.

Whatever you do today, sprinkle it with oodles of Pleasure.

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