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Let it Go, Let it Go, with Love Compassion and Deep Gratitude!

Ooooooh, I love the Autumn, for me it is the most nourishing part of the year, just like nature follows the seasons, so do our bodies. In the spring, we feel renewed and refreshed we start new projects, put our plans into action, these are much like the beautiful buds that emerge in spring.

Spring - Renewal and Growth

As nature awakens, spring is seen as a time of renewal, new beginnings, and growth. It's a time to plant seeds not only in the ground but within yourself for what you wish to bring into your life. There is an emphasis on cleansing and rejuvenation, shaking off the inertia of winter, and setting intentions for the coming cycle of seasons. It’s an opportunity to initiate new projects and relationships with the fresh energy that the season brings in.

Summer - Flourishing and Celebration

Summer is the time of full bloom, where the efforts of spring come to fruition. It’s a period for celebrating life, love, and the joys of existence. It’s a time for expressing gratitude, indulging in the sensuality of life, and experiencing the fullness of being. The heightened energy of summer is conducive to outward expression, connection, and the manifestation of abundance. So, depending on how much work we’ve actually put in, we begin to see the fruits of our labour and get to fully enjoy it, the sun is shining, we’re showing off what we’ve accomplished, whether it was that summer body or that budding business venture, that is finally in bloom.

Autumn – Reflection & Letting Go

Then comes the gorgeous Autumn, my yummiest time of year, when we get to reflect on all we’ve done, what we’ve learnt, what went well, what mistakes we may have made and what we could do better.

This time of learning is also a time to see what we need to let go off, and that’s why I love trees so much. They are our teachers. When leaves change colour and fall from the trees. It’s not actually the leaves falling of their own accord, they change colour because the tree is reabsorbing valuable nutrients that they need from the leaves and then stores it within its branches, trunk and roots. The leaves only fall once the tree has maximized nutrient reclamation. By retrieving and storing these nutrients, the tree ensures it has sufficient reserves to survive the winter and support new growth in the spring. The leaves fall lto the ground leaving us with a beautiful cascade of autumn confetti, however the leaves provide habitation and protection for little animals in the cold, they decompose and release remaining nutrients to nourish the tree and turn into food and mulch to nurture and support the eco system beneath, to feed the earth, insects, animals. There’s your science lesson.

So view this season as a time for turning inwards. Just as the trees shed their leaves, you are encouraged to let go of what no longer serves you, whether it be negative emotions, unhealthy relationships, or outdated self-perceptions. It's a period for harvesting the wisdom from experiences of the past year and for reflecting on lessons learned. It is a time to conserve your energy and prepare for the inward work of winter. But when you release what no longer serves you and shed your own leaves, let things go with love and compassion, knowing that it served it’s purpose in your life, even if it was tragic, it brought you wisdom, resilience a new way to view things, strength and by letting go, you are making space for new things in your life to enter, things that are more in alignment with what you want and desire.

Winter - Contemplation and Conservation

In the cold stillness of winter, the world seems to pause, offering a time for deeper meditation and introspection. It's a period of conservation of energy and resources, mirroring our natural world. It's also a time for inner work, connecting with the quiet, dormant energy within, and preparing for the rebirth that comes with spring. This can be a period of profound personal insight and spiritual depth.

Each season holds its own lessons and opportunities for personal and spiritual development. Aligning with these seasonal energies can facilitate a harmonious flow through life's cycles, enhancing personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

So embrace the Autumn season, this is your time to wrap up and reflect.

With Love x


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