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The Unapologetic Guide to Loving Your Awesome Self 💋

Hey, Gorgeous! Yes, you, with the coffee in one hand and the world spinning in the other. Let's have a real talk about happiness. Not the biscuit-cutter, one-size-fits-all happiness you see plastered on social media, but the raw, unfiltered, belly-laugh kind of happy that's as unique as your fingerprint. So if you’ve never been in here before, Welcome to “The Pleasure Party", where the only membership requirement is being unapologetically you, oh yeah, and owning a vulva. Let's devour this this like it's the last piece of chocolate in the box - ravenously!



First things first, let's get one really important thing straight, perfection is waaaay overrated. It's like trying to fit into jeans you wore 20 years ago (I’m talking from experience here, hoarder and wishful thinker) — there’s a slight possibility it might happen, but honey, why force it? Your quirks, those little idiosyncrasies that make you YOU, they’re your superpowers. So, wear your odd socks with pride, dance like nobody's watching (because honestly, they're not—they're too busy on their phones, living their best lives), and laugh at your own jokes. If you can't find the humour in life, darling, you're not looking hard enough. Here’s a mirror, you are the funniest Mo’Fo” in the room, remember that!



Now, let's talk self-love. The most beautiful language in the world, and yet not that widely practiced and spoken. It's the kind of love story that Hollywood can't touch because it's too damn real. It's about looking in the mirror and saying, "You know what? I'm a Queen," even on days when your hair's rebelling and your skin's throwing a teenage tantrum. Treat yourself like you are the love of your life—because you are. Buy yourself flowers 💐 (just please don’t pretend they’re from someone else, when I was working as a receptionist in media companies back in the BC days, before children, I would watch the girls I worked with order themselves flowers right next to me and when they arrived, the blatant gushing, clutching a bunch that would render you bankrupt and stalking the office with cries of “Oh My God, 🤭who sent me these? Was it you CEO, was it you, Mr Financial Director!” (Giggles in Oscar performance worthy bullshit) Girl, why you lying to yourself? It would have me literally pissing my pants). I digress, but honestly, this self love stuff is important, so take yourself on dates, binge on a supernatural netflix series, get back on those rollerskates or take a ride on the roundabout in the kids playground, get that book on your wishlist and spend quality time diving into what lights up your soul. And don't let anybody tell you that talking to yourself is crazy, it isn't - it's a board meeting with the CEO of ‘Your Life unLTD’.



Empowerment is another word for chasing your dreams, even the weird and wonderful ones. Want to start an underwater women's circle business? Go for it. Feel like traveling the world in a van with your pet iguana? Why the heck not? The point is, don't chase someone else's idea of success. Build your own yellow brick road, even if it's more of a rainbow-colored hopscotch, every hop skip and jump is a hop skip and jump closer to what you want out of life.


 Well, if you’re part of the Pleasure Party, you’ve already found your tribe, however a lot of what we do is virtual and so it’s important to have a bunch or a couple of real physical friends, that you can actually touch (no, not in that way……. !!!!!! really, where is your mind!) I mean the people you surround yourself with! They're your tribe, your squad, your cheerleaders, your ride-or-die bishes. These are the folks who will help you hide the bodies (metaphorically speaking, of course) and bring you ice cream at 2am because they just know. Cherish these relationships. Life's too short for anything less than friends who make your cheeks hurt and give your abs a good work out from laughing so much.



 Lastly, let's celebrate JOMO—the Joy Of Missing Out. Yes, darling, it's a thing. In a world obsessed with being everywhere at once, there's something deliciously rebellious about curling up with a good book, turning off your phone, and savouring the bliss of doing absolutely freaking nothing. Happiness isn't about being seen, it's about seeing yourself and loving every minute of it.



 So, there you have it—a no-holds-barred, cheeky guide to being your own version of happy. It's about embracing the messy, beautiful, perfectly imperfect journey of being alive. Remember, the key to happiness isn't finding yourself, it's creating yourself, one glorious, laughter-filled moment at a time.


To all the fabulous women out there, trust me, I know, you've got this. Be bold, be brave, and above all, be your own happy. Because at the end of the day, the best thing you can be is your genuine, authentic, fabulous self. Now go out there and shine, you beautiful diamond, you.

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