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Cultivating Self Love & Compassion

Happy New Year, Queens!


I'm aware this greeting might seem a tad delayed, but in my eyes, each day, each moment, is a fresh start. I steer clear of dwelling on the past or fretting over unspoken words and undone deeds. Remember, if it hasn't occurred yet, there's always time, or a different path to take.


Today, I want to explore the idea of embracing each moment as a chance to redefine our actions, our emotions, and our identity. It's about seizing the present to shape who we aspire to be and how we wish to feel.


Let's debunk a common myth: The 1st of January isn't the only time for new beginnings. If you haven't set your resolutions by then, it's not the end. It's never too late to start anew. While we can't rewrite our past, we can learn from it, understand what derailed us, and move forward with this newfound knowledge.


Our topic for today delves into the heart of this concept: Cultivating Self Love and Compassion.



Cultivating Self Love and Compassion


New Year's resolutions can be a lot of pressure, which is why I don't make them. Instead, I choose to focus on what I desire for my life, visualizing how I'll achieve it. This involves imagining what it will look like once accomplished, how I'll feel, and the sensory experiences surrounding this success. But, importantly, if I don't meet these goals or if I veer off track, I don't berate myself. Instead, I assess what hindered my progress (often, it's an internal barrier) and simply start again. This might mean picking up where I left off or, if it no longer feels right, trying a different approach.


Let me share an example from last year that's filled with valuable lessons.


As you may or may not know, I started a TikTok page towards the end of the year. It consumes a significant amount of my time, and if I'm honest, I don't really enjoy it. My passion lies in meaningful, one-on-one interactions with women, rather than sharing quick snippets of information. At times, it feels like I'm shouting into an empty well. Despite this, I've persevered and met some fascinating people along the way. Right now, I'm evaluating whether this platform aligns with my values and goals. I may continue, I may not, but what will come from this is a deeper understanding on how I do things on social media from here on in.

I also started a podcast called "A Fancy Bag Full of Fucks" with my fellow Queen from The Pleasure Party, it goes live today on apple podcasts. Now I can't begin to tell you how many bumps in the road we've had to overcome, how many re-records, how many minor legal issues we had to swerve around (the name has been changed a lot ; )) But we've worked out how to navigate something that we love and are commited to, so that it works for us. I'd love for you to have a listen.


Here's the key takeaway, Self-love and compassion mean recognising when something isn't serving you and having the courage to pivot. It's about understanding that your journey will have twists and turns, and that's perfectly okay. You are not defined by a linear path to success.


Embracing Flexibility and Kindness


Cultivating self-love and compassion also involves embracing flexibility in your goals and actions. It's about being kind to yourself, allowing for adjustments and changes in your plans. Remember, rigidity can be the enemy of progress. Being adaptable in your approach, while maintaining sight of your overarching goals, is a form of self-respect.


Learning from Every Step


Every step you take, whether it feels like progress or not, is a learning opportunity. The moments when you falter are not failures, but chances to gain insight into what truly matters to you. These insights are invaluable as they guide your future choices and help you grow into the person you aspire to be.


As we continue through this year, let's focus on greeting each day as a new opportunity. Cultivate self-love by being kind to yourself, understanding your needs, and being flexible in your approach. Remember, your journey is uniquely yours, and it's beautiful in all its complexity.


Let's make this year about understanding and embracing our true selves, with all the compassion and love we deserve.


Here's to a year of growth, learning, and self-love. You've got this, Queens!




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