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Congratulations, You’ve Found Your Tribe!

Private Member Groups:  Come on in! We’ve been expecting you😁

Your Pleasure Party community is here for you whenever you need them. This is your space to make new, deep connections and like-minded friends all on the same journey of self-love and discovery as you.  A space of non-judgement for you to celebrate your true authenticity, your uniqueness, to share your journey and your pleasures amongst a supportive tribe of women who are always here to inspire and hold loving space for you. Come as you are, whether you feel like a piece of gravel or a shining star, we’re here to lift you up  and empower you, so you always find a way to remember and re-connect to your innate self worth🌟


So say hello to your new found friends, and don’t worry about what you think you should say, theres no judgement. Just say hello and let us welcome you with open arms. Every part of you is welcome here. We are going to love you, just the way you are.

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Symone Tucker
Pleasure Pioneer

Welcome to our group The Pleasure Party Group! A space for us to connect and share with each other. Start by posting your thoughts, sharing media, or creating a poll.

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