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The Ultimate Women's Circle


Now that you’re here this is the start of your amazing personal journey into an awesome women’s network!

My vision is to create the ultimate women’s circle, that is connecting, empowering and inspiring women to discover the pleasure they seek in life.   A place of connections with yourself and others.

My job is simple, to help you discover your deepest  pleasures and to guide you in how to creating these as your reality.


For the last 15 years I have been on a journey to assemble the very best, most effective, most transformative and simple to adopt methods of discovery to help you unlock your authentic self - with all our feminine energy we can unapologetically reclaim ‘Pleasure’!

We are a global gathering of likeminded women who desire to realise their full authentic selves and celebrate the power, depth and breadth of pleasure….. We are inclusive, not exclusive. A place for all women, young and experienced, spiritual beliefs or not, a space for you to truly be yourself.

Empowering you to discover your the authentic Y.O.U. (Your Own Universe). 

Join The Pleasure Party for a  blissful journey of self- love, acceptance and discovery, all whilst being supported by a tribe of Queens all on the same voyage.  I can promise you  that healing and releasing yourself from the chains of conditioning can actually be pleasurable. Trust me, it's not as scary as you've been made to believe. If your searching for a life changing experience, want to unlock your truth’s and desires, allow me to guide you on the path to follow your happiness and experience pleasure in every moment of your life.



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A place to realise your dreams with the most amazing women/queens by your side. It’s spiritual, soulful, sensual, sexy and all you could wish for if you want a bit sparkle in your life!

Lucy, London


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